Shopcodes by Shopify - Who knew QR codes were awesome?

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With the news that Apple will be including a native QR code reader with their iOS11 update, is it time for QR codes to shine?

Shopify certainly think so, with the release of their new app Shopcodes, which aims to bridge the omnichannel shopping experience for their merchants, one of Shopify's long-term goals.


Hang on, what's a QR code?


We'll save you the boring details but essentially the QR code (or Quick Response code) was invented in 1994 and is a type of barcode which contains information about the item to which it is attached. First designed for use in the automotive industry in Japan, it has since become common in consumer advertising as it provides an easier way to access a brand's website more quickly than by manually entering a URL, thus improving conversion rates.


What is Shopcodes and how does it work?


Completely free to all 500,000+ Shopify merchants and downloadable from the Shopify App Store, Shopcodes is a simple to use app that gives merchants the ability to create unique QR codes for your products in a matter of minutes and allows your customers to scan codes and buy products using their smartphone.

Your customers are more likely to buy from your store if your checkout process is as quick and easy as possible to navigate, which is why the app features include the option to decide exactly where your Shopcodes link to (whether that be a particular product page or a shopping cart), removing friction from the buying experience by skipping the adding to cart process and increasing it's impact by integrating with payment gateways such as Apple Pay or Shopify Pay.

You are able to manage and edit directly in the app dashboard of your Shopify admin and can apply discounts to individual Shopcodes to incentivise purchases. Tracking conversions and traffic from your Shopcodes is a doddle by using Shopify Analytics directly in your admin panel.


Think of the possibilities...


Apart from the drastically reduced buying process, the exciting thing about the app is the possibilites it will open up. The app's release is just a small part of blurring the lines between the retail and online shopping experience. Once you have created a code, they can be used in either the online or offline space. Download your codes, print them and display them in a variety of ways...



Reward and encourage repeat orders from loyal customers by attaching a discount code to your Shopcodes and adding the QR code to your product packaging that provides product information or takes customers straight to the checkout to make re-ordering their favourite items a breeze. This is particularly effective if you sell consumable products such as food, drink or cosmetics.

Advertise anywhere offline


Adopt Shopcodes in your physical marketing material by incorporating codes that promote collections, products, discounts and more on to posters, advertising boards, packaging inserts, order slips to encourage repeat customers.

In Person


If you run events, pop-up shops or have brick and mortar stores, Shopcodes is an intelligent way to sell online when inventory isn't on hand. Furthermore make your window displays work for you. Incorporate Shopcodes into your window display to direct customers to purchase particular products online even after you've closed for the day.

We think that this latest offering from Shopify provides a really valuable feature for all types of Shopify merchants and are looking forward to seeing how merchants utilise the app and what new functionality Shopify introduce. Install the app for free on your store today and generate your first Shopcodes to see how you can improve your e-commerce experience.