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Whether you're a startup or a Fortune 500 enterprise company, Shopify has a ecommerce solution for you. If you are unsure which Shopify solution is right for you, we'll guide you to the right decision based on your individual requirements.



Shopify is the leading global ecommerce solution for businesses, large or small. A platform with all the e-commerce and point of sale features empowers independent business owners everywhere to start, run, and grow their business.

Starting from $29 per month, Shopify is perfect for start-ups and established businesses alike. Whether you're looking for a theme solution or an entirely custom e-commerce experience, Shopify adapts to your e-commerce needs. With a variety of features and benefits built in, Shopify is the best-in-class solution for any merchant looking for an easy to manage and flexible platform.

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Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a scalable enterprise-level e-commerce solution. Packed with additional features catered for brands who require a powerful and flexible platform to drive sales and growth.

Used by brands such as Rebecca Minkoff, Gymshark, Kylie Jenner and more, Shopify Plus matches the demands of the modern e-commerce brand.

Starting at $2,000 per month, Shopify Plus is a great e-commerce solution if your brand is making over $100,000 in monthly sales.

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Costing Guide

When it comes to money, we find the best approach is to be transparent up front with what is feasible for investing in your e-commerce store. Knowing from your initial enquiry, what the realistic budget that you can allocate to the project helps us to determine what is possible within the scope of work, and which solution or direction is most appropriate for your individual business needs.


Custom Store (Design & Development)

For the full design and build of a fully custom ecommerce store, our costs generally start around £20k (+VAT) and increase depending on a number of factors, such as timeline, complexity of features and functionality, as well as the total number of templates required.


Custom Store (Development Only)

Each project can vary in terms of cost so it's always important for us to see as much of your final design (that will be provided at handover). This will allow us to gauge the time (and therefore budget) required to build into a functional custom theme. A general cost range for us to build, configure and launch a custom store in correspondence with a provided design from your designer or agency would be in the £10-15k (+VAT) region. As with the Custom Store (Design & Development) service, this can rise depending on a number of factors, such as features, functionality and the total number of templates and their complexity.

Timing Guide

Each and every ecommerce project is unique and as such we are only able to provide a more accurate timeframe for your new store launch after further discussion and discovery. Project timeframes depend on a variety of factors, including which service we are providing, the unique requirements of your project and our availability at the time of your enquiry. 

We consciously look to take the time to create great work. We want your new ecommerce store to be intuitive and easy to use, visually engaging and unique. To do this we need time. We avoid rush jobs and treasure clients who allow us the time to create beautifully engineered e-commerce experiences. With that said, we are mindful of the fast nature of the e-commerce industry and work as quickly as possible (without compromising on quality) to prepare you for launch. 


Custom Design & Development

After committing to a project with us, you can typically expect the process of designing and developing a custom e-commerce experience to take roughly 12-16 weeks. There are of course instances where it can be a shorter or longer process, depending on the project requirements so don't be deterred from getting in touch to discuss further.


Development Only

From design handover to launch, our turnaround for the build of a custom Shopify store is typically 8-12 weeks, depending on the size of the store build and the required functionality. This can usually be broken down into 8 weeks of development and 4 weeks of store preparation for launch.


Design Only

From kicking off the research phase of the project, through to creation and design handover to your chosen developer or development agency, our turnaround for the design of a custom Shopify store is typically 6-8 weeks. This is dependent on the size of the store and the required functionality that we are designing for. This can usually be broken down into 2 weeks of research and 4-6 weeks of visual design process.

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We'll put you in touch with the right people at Shopify, illustrate the benefits of the Shopify Plus platform and determine your enterprise business requirements. Provide us with some of your details below and we'll be in touch to discuss further.

Do you sell in a regulated industry?

e.g. cannabis, alcohol, medical devices, natural health products, pharmaceuticals

Which of these best describes you?


You want to adopt the Shopify platform because you're attracted to the pricing, usability and positive reputation it enjoys among other start-ups. At the same time, you're not interested in the one-size-fits-all solution of a Shopify theme. You may recently have received some funding and are now looking to invest in a custom-built store to launch your products. You're also keen to establish a strong, lasting relationship with a new agency who will also offer consultation and advice to help you scale. Read more


You have never used the Shopify platform, but have experience of running an e-commerce store on a different platform (Magento, WooCommerce, Squarespace). Your experience with your current platform hasn't been positive, so you're now looking to migrate seamlessly to Shopify for a smoother more streamlined experience. Results are important to you, as is the relationship with your e-commerce agency. Read more


You are already a Shopify convert but are looking to upgrade to something more tailored and bespoke. You are interested in improving functionality and user experience, as well as overall design and desirability of the store. You are currently using a Shopify theme, but this now feels restrictive. You have grown a successful store on Shopify and are ready to upgrade to Shopify Plus. Read more


You are a creative agency already familiar with the Shopify platform but do not specialise in providing bespoke solutions for your own clients. You are looking for a reliable ecommerce partner who shares your values and aesthetic sensibility and who will deliver pixel-perfect development that reflects your design efforts. You may also require consultation on how to achieve the best results with the Shopify platform. Read more

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What plan are you interested in?

Shopify offers two different types of solution, depending on your business size and needs. Learn more by viewing our guide below.

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What is your budget?

Defining your budget from the outset allows us to determine the most appropriate e-commerce solution for your needs.

i Costing Guide

What is your budget?

Defining your budget from the outset allows us to determine the most appropriate e-commerce solution for your needs.

i Costing Guide

What is your budget?

Defining your budget from the outset allows us to determine the most appropriate e-commerce solution for your needs.

i Costing Guide

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It’s helpful for us to learn your ideal start and launch dates. Please use our timing guide for an idea on roughly how long a project like yours can take. Try to be as realistic as possible with how soon you can begin from your business perspective.

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When are you looking to complete your project?

It's helpful for us to have a clear idea of how soon your looking to get started. Try to be as realistic as possible with how soon you can begin on a project from your business perspective.

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