Timing Guide

Timing Guide

Each and every ecommerce project is unique and as such we are only able to provide a more accurate timeframe for your new store launch after further discussion and discovery. Project timeframes depend on a variety of factors, including which service we are providing, the unique requirements of your project and our availability at the time of your enquiry. 

We consciously look to take the time to create great work. We want your new ecommerce store to be intuitive and easy to use, visually engaging and unique. To do this we need time. We avoid rush jobs and treasure clients who allow us the time to create beautifully engineered e-commerce experiences. With that said, we are mindful of the fast nature of the e-commerce industry and work as quickly as possible (without compromising on quality) to prepare you for launch. 


Bespoke Design & Development

After committing to a project with us, you can typically expect the process of designing and developing a custom e-commerce experience to take roughly 16-20 weeks. There are of course instances where it can be a shorter or longer process, depending on the project requirements so don't be deterred from getting in touch to discuss further.


Development Only

From design handover to launch, our turnaround for the build of a custom Shopify store is typically 8-12 weeks, depending on the size of the store build and the required functionality. This can usually be broken down into 8 weeks of development and 4 weeks of store preparation for launch.


Design Only

From kicking off the research phase of the project, through to creation and design handover to your chosen developer or development agency, our turnaround for the design of a custom Shopify store is typically 6-8 weeks. This is dependent on the size of the store and the required functionality that we are designing for. This can usually be broken down into 2 weeks of research and 4-6 weeks of visual design process.