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Fetching Fields

Fetching Fields are a modern pet wellness and lifestyle brand that make quality-driven, ethical and mindful pet products, to promote wellness and activity. With certified-organic and nutrient-rich ingredients, their products promote wellness, activity, and a refined approach to caring for your pets and the planet.

The Brief

We were approached by Fetching Fields to create and deliver a distinctive Shopify ecommerce experience for the launch of their new modern pet wellness brand, which offers an alternative lifestyle approach to an industry, which historically lacks healthy options for man's best friend.

The Approach

With a refined brand identity to utilise we set about creating a minimal and visually-rich user experience, which focuses on putting subscription functionality at the forefront of the shopping experience and delivering detailed product information in a digestible manner.


“The team at Hatch were great. Very responsive throughout the project and the visual aesthetic is on point. Our new website looks and flows well. Their support has been great as well during and after launch.”

David Magruder – Founder, Fetching Fields

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